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Cereal Milk Strain Review

This is a cleverly named strain. It makes me wonder what the taste is like or why it is named such. Well done mystery cannabis grower as this is a nice hybrid for a change of my sativa smoking tendencies. Let’s check out Cereal Milk strain.

Cereal Milk is the product of crossing Snowman and Y-Life strains. I am not familiar with either of these parent strains. Cereal Milk has an eclectic taste that blends many flavors. You may detect creamy sugary flavors, berries, nuts, vanilla, and some sweet pine elements. Some say it tastes like leftover Cereal Milk


Cereal Milk can get up to 23% THC levels. This strain is said to be an evenly balanced hybrid. I like these effects. The strain calmed me down and focused my thoughts with sedating or slowing me down. This is a good strain for chilling with friends or with a good book, nice music, or Netflix and chillin. 

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