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Cereal Killer Strain Review

I am screaming loud in my Big G voice… “What you want”? Cereal Killer! If you don’t know who Big Ghengis, aka Big G of the Backyard Band is, you probably do and don’t realize it. He played Slim Charles on The Wire. So let’s get into Cereal Killer.

I was excited about the Backyard Band connection and almost forgot to let y’all know… Break out the DJ Clue metal echo voice… “New strain, news strain”. Cereal Killer is an indica dominant strain. I grabbed some Cereal Milk from Select last time and enjoyed. I needed some wind down indica energy so I gave Cereal Killer a try.

chocolate chunk

Cereal Killer has a potent lineage as Cabin fever growers have created this from Bubba Kush, Deep Chunk, and crossing Bubba Kush with Chocolate Chunk. The result is a delicious munchie inducing experience that puts you on your ass shortly afterwards. The smoke tastes of sweet dank piney flavors with a hint of spices and chocolate.

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