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Cat Piss Strain Review

We are back with this shit. I am always hesitant to grab some of this. The name is just a total turn off for real. My man at Select said It was a good batch though. So let’s check out some “Cat Piss“.

Really, who wants to smoke that?! But, if you smoke it the name makes TOTAL SENSE, not that I have ever smoked, tasted, or been remotely close to cat piss; yet the peppery spicy harsh, pungent, aroma leaves you suspecting it may be like this.

Marathon OG

This is a late afternoon relaxing strain. Cat Piss can get up to 11% THC levels and is a 50/50 hybrid. It leaves you with a light euphoria that is relaxing but quite functional. This is cool for what it is. A mellow effect with a harsh smoke.

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