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Cashmere OG Strain Review

The material is soft and silky to the touch. It’s beautiful! What is that Velvet? Yeah, we all know the line from Coming to America and have heard it 100 times. No…. It is not velvet. It’s cashmere!

Cashmere OG is new shit! Yes, I get to break out the DJ Clue metal echo voice…”new strain, new strain”. Select Co-Op stay coming with the new fire! Cashmere OG is from Afghani landrace origins. This strain has Bubblegum, Lowryder, and Northern Lights in it. I did not know about Lowryder previously. However, Bubblegum and Northern Lights are put you on your ass indicas… So is Lowryder.

Cashmere Og Art2

Cashmere OG has sweet and soft smoke. This strain tastes of pine kush dankness with sweet candy as an after taste. This is powerful medicine for relaxation and pain relief. The mind will melt into a cashmere blanket of warmness and comfort. The body is relaxed and the energy of relaxation grows and grows until couch-lock is a state of permanence.

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