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Casey Jones Strain Review

Casey Jones has made its way back around the track! Full disclosure, my grandmother gave me a stuffed dog dressed as a train engineer with “Casey Jones” printed on the front of the overalls when I was five. Casey Jones and I go way back and that’s a fact! If you are familiar there is a folk legend about a train engineer that saved folks by his heroic acts sacrificing himself…Ok, just don’t make a modern movie about him as bad as the recent John Henry production!

However, anyway, Casey Jones is a cross between East Coast Sour Diesel and Orient Express. Crossing in Diesel is always a plus for me. I suppose the Orient Express provides the train reference. This is a sativa in the classic sense. The focusing cerebral effects, energized mood, and physical activity associated with traditional sativas like East Coast Sour Diesel are definitely present.

Casey Jones gets much of its taste from the elements of Orient Express. The first hit is dominated by spicy, earthy flavors that have piney after-tastes with slight fruity undertones. It is a dank more like a Kush than the gas-like taste of diesel. Casey Jones provides minor relaxing effects as well. With a THC level of about 20% it provides a lasting cerebral effect with slight body relaxation ideal for day-time use.