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Jul 14, 2021
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Cannabis Strains Used To Create The Best Salad Selections

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“Cannabis salads are simply mixing strains of similar effects for enhancement of such effects and/or taste using the best cannabis strains.”


We are back for another culinary curating of choice cannabis strains. If you do not know cannabis salads are simply mixing strains of similar effects for enhancement of such effects and/or taste. We thought everybody does this but some have a fancy name for it, cannabis salad creating! Let’s get into it!

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Will began with our sativa salad recommendations. Select Co-OP has some amazing sativas as of late. We are using Lasqueti Haze as our salad base. This strain is a great sativa that energizes and focuses the mind unlike most haze strains. Let’s enhance its taste while maintaining the potential to wake and bake by mixing it with Wedding Diesel. Now you have a blast of delicious skunk and diesel tastes mixed with nutty and vanilla flavors.  

cannabis strains

Keeping with Lasqueti Haze I recommend trying it with some Hawaiian Snow. I recommend this combination for the balancing effect they have on the sativa experience.  Hawaiian Snow is a 100% sativa that can have the mind racing with unfocused fogginess. An equal mix gives you a focused effect that is slightly hazy; yet one can maintain focus.  

cannabis strains

The last Lasqueti Haze recommendation is to mix it with Jamaican Lion. This is an awesome evening combination or if you want an afternoon focused mental pick me up that is calming and therapeutic for pain and inflammation. This combination tastes of piney and minty skunk flavors.  

cannabis strains

Staying with Jamaican Lion, this is our base for evening wind down energy and/or relief from pain, inflammation, and anxious thoughts. Jamaican Lion and faded Glory is a great combination. The flavors combine to create a berry and citrus spiced minty skunk taste that is amazing. Mentally the mind is focused to engage any activity while the body is in a relaxed functional state.

cannabis strains

I recommend a mixture of Jamaican Lion and Pop Rox as a nightcap. The balanced THC and CBD properties of Jamaican Lion offer potent mental and physical relaxation while maintaining functional energy. Try adding some Pop Rox pushes it more into the indica side and will guide you to sleep gradually with a heightened quality of rest. Enjoy your 420 my friends!

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