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May 5, 2021
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Cannabis Salads

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“The winner however, my friends is the combination of Cereal Milk and Golden Glue. This is a sativa lover’s salad for sure.”


It is time for another culinary edition of Cannabis salads. When I think of salads I think of a watercress, seaweed, romaine lettuce salad topped with capers, olives, tomatoes, sliced green apples, pine nuts, and sliced almonds. That is a salad. I still laugh at when I first heard the term for salad for mixing flowers. Isn’t that what everybody does? I guess not. So here is the newest guide for mixing the excellent strains offered at Select Co-op.

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Let us begin our culinary exploration with Grapefruit strain. Grapefruit offers a beautiful sativa hybrid base with which to begin. Grapefruit has a cerebral invigorating effect with slight body relaxation and a subtle citrus taste, but what if we wanted to increase the cerebral effect. Then add some Citrus Sunshine Haze my friends. Grapefruit mixed with Citrus Sunshine Haze will increase the sativa energy of Grapefruit while offering slight functional body relaxation.

Sticking with the base of Grapefruit adding Golden Glue to this strain will change the taste and experience. The potency of Golden Glue mixed with the energy of Grapefruit provides the best of indica and sativa energy. The body relaxing energy of both strains is increased, but there is no couchlock. You can wake and bake to get shit done, but not work out… While the taste is now a diesel citrus flavor and the cerebral effects are of elation, focus, and high energy to get shit done.

Jet Fuel Gelato

Staying with Golden Glue, let’s see how the diesel and pine flavor and sativa high mix with Jet Fuel Gelato. Just off the flavor alone you should try this! The diesel, pine, creamy, fruity flavors blend together wonderfully. In addition to the flavor it is a wonderful wake and bake energy to help you soar through the day.

Jet Fuel Gelato has diesel and creamy flavors that offer a sativa dominant experience. Cereal Milk has creamy and fruity cookie flavors. Mixing these two flowers provides an amazing diesel, cookie/cake, and fruity taste of decadence. The sativa effects of both strains are increased making this a wake and bake energy if you so desire.

Cherry Pie

The winner however, my friends is the combination of Cereal Milk and Golden Glue. This is a sativa lover’s salad for sure. The mix tastes of diesel and Cherry Pie strains. The flavor is awesome. The effect is instant energy to get up and conquer anything. This is for working out and being active all day. Whatever you choose to mix 420 responsibly my friends!

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