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Cannabis Salad

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Cannabis Salad

“Check back next week. Each week we will examine the best cannabis flowers with which one is best to make your “salads”. Enjoy experimenting.”

If you recall we uncovered how some cannabis websites present flower salads as a “thing” for smokers. We are under the impression mixing your flower strains was as common as, common sense. However, at times I forget what my grandmother taught me, “common sense is not that common”. With that being said, let’s check out the top cannabis salads to create with Select Co-op’s Flower Menu

First let’s check out “Vortex-C”; meaning mixing Vortex and Emergen-C strain. Vortex has a subtle sativa high that does not have an overpowering taste. Mixing Vortex with Emergen-C capitalizes on the gassy diesel taste of Emergen-C. Mixing them makes a great wake and bake strain to start the day!

Snow Montana

Let’s wind down the energy some. Snow Montana is an amazing tasting quandary of an indica. The mental is focused while the body experiences some serious relaxing properties. Mixing this strain with DiabloThe Diablo spicy taste and slightly sativa leanings boost the energy of Snow Montana a little while still having a nice evening wind down toke.

For an amazing wake and bake experience let’s get into Sunshine Grapefruit, mixing Grapefruit with Citrus Sunshine Haze. With this mix the energizing and motivating effects of Citrus Sunshine Haze mix with the giddy cerebral effects of Grapefruit. The mental effects are a balance between focused and mentally relaxed while the body is primed to move, go, do, and create. 


Equally as an amazing wake and bake mix, but for different reasons is the combination of Trinity and Guava. Trinity is known for elevating moods and mental energy. Guava is a wake and bake strain that energizes the body for action. Mixing the two provides an experience of mental elation, joy, and euphoria combined with sharp focus and physical energy to complete whatever is at hand. This is a powerful sativa mix.

Lastly, we will wind things down by combining the power of mythical beasts. Mixing Dragon’s Breath with Kong OG provides a grounded, clear, relaxed mental effect with potent body relaxation. Dragon’s Breath is an equally balanced hybrid. Mixing it with KONG OG adds an earthy spicy flavor to the smoke and increases the physical relaxation. This is more of an evening wind down mix.  

Check back next week. Each week we will examine the best cannabis flowers with which one is best to make your “salads”. Enjoy experimenting and in the meantime be 420 safe and responsible. 

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