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Aug 25, 2021
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Cannabis Red-Tape; The Do’s And Don’ts All You Need To Know – Virginia is a headache

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“Cannabis Red-Tape, what could that mean? Virginia is clear. They want no one selling it in Virginia except the state of Virginia.”


I was reading an article in VPM of the struggles a family endures to procure their daughter’s prescribed medical marijuana. There are currently four medical marijuana dispensaries in Virginia. Four dispensaries for the entire state of Virginia. If you live in Northern Virginia the closest dispensary is Manassas. It makes more sense to take advantage of Initiative 71 in Washington DC.

Virginia understands that. NORML reports that Virginia lawmakers are rushing to put together a plan that medical dispensaries may sell recreational cannabis until the state establishes the infrastructure for state-controlled sales. Virginia is clear. They want no one selling it in Virginia except the state of Virginia. Previously, lawmakers have expressed that it will not be like the underground market in neighboring areas they were referring to Washington DC.

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While Virginia is aggressively looking to capitalize on cannabis revenue there are still issues with the medical marijuana program. The Marijuana Moment has reported how patients with Medical Marijuana cards in Virginia have expressed frustrations with issues in processing their applications, applications denied that fit the criteria, and/or discrepancies between the state approved document and what the dispensaries policies. Many have expressed they prefer to deal with options other than the state run dispensaries.

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I have close friends dealing with this issue for their son concerning medical use. They began using the medical dispensary. They drove over an hour to get there. They were not pleased with the selection at all. After doing much research they began to order the oil and have it shipped to family members out of state and then shipped to them.  

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As that process became time consuming and cumbersome they realized a better option. They take advantage of Initiative 71 in Washington, DC. Instead of driving over an hour for suspect quality and limited quantity they realized it was a shorter drive and had more options coming into the city.  

I use Select Co-op for my recreational needs. However, folks in Virginia have limited options for their medicinal needs. Many do not realize a delivery service operating in Washington DC city limits, like Select Co-op is often a better option. Either 420 safely or medicate wisely my friends.  

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