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Cannabis Recall – “Unreliable Experts”

Recalls in grocery stores are nothing new. It seems like every few months a brand of pre-washed salads are being recalled for E.coli contamination. A reason why I buy actual fresh produce locally as much as I can and stay away from food shipped in from other places?

What does this have to do with cannabis? Well, according to CBSnews “The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency issued a recall for marijuana products assessed by testing facilities over the last few months, impacting more than 400 sales locations statewide.” The agency recently stated that it detected “inaccurate” and/or “unreliable results” of products tested by two contracted laboratories.  

Regulators indicated that “immunocompromised customers or those with lung disease who consume the “potentially harmful products” are at the highest risk for experiencing health effects, like the infection aspergillosis, which is usually caused by inhaling mold. Those who notice any adverse reactions after consuming the recalled items are encouraged to report it to the agency,” CBSnews reported. I am concerned about business eroding the quality of cannabis.  

A selling point for federal regulation of cannabis is quality control. Lawmakers and business interests in the cannabis industry have long promoted that we need to ensure the safety of consumers by government regulation of the product. How can we trust contractors that the state of Michigan itself described as “unreliable.”

I do not live in Michigan but I do live in Arlington, Virginia where I take advantage of Initiative 71 in Washington DC. A quick drive into Northwest DC and I have access to all of my 4:20 needs. Initiative 71 allows for the gifting and transportation of cannabis (under two ounces.) I have been dealing with Select Co-op delivery dispensary for years now.

In Virginia medical cannabis is legal.. However, the dispensaries are more than two hours away from me. I have also read more than a few articles about the long waits for medical cards if one qualifies and the scant selection in the dispensaries. If and when Virginia gets recreational dispensaries my concern is that of the Michigan situation. I do not want to be forced to do business with private growers for a state that deals with private testing companies for “quality control.” I will continue to deal with my trusted sources and will avoid the “unreliable” folks.  

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