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As I have gotten older I no longer simply accept knowing about the Rule of 10’s. Things must be put into practice if they are known, or to put it better, if we know better than we do better…

The Rule of 10’s states that after you needs are met that 20% of your saving income should be towards stocks, 20% towards real estate, 10% towards livestock, 10% towards commodities, 10% in crypto currencies, 10% in foreign exchange, 10% in CD’s and 10% in metals. Some lean more or less towards certain investments but this is a general rule of thumb most are aware of following. The recent GameStop buzz has folks chattering about stocks.

The little advice I have gotten from people I know, trust, and are examples of putting their money where their mouth is teach stocks are always a long-term play. Day-trading aside, folks taught me to play the long game. That being said I am looking at Sundial Growers.

This stock has been viewed as volatile as of late. Sundial Growers according to the Motley Fool recommends keeping investments into this company on a short lease. They also are hedging their bets against Tilray as well. If folks knew what companies would blow up then it would be easy to pick big winners. However, the Motley Fool discusses Sundial as being in the red and speculators driving the price up. I am watching for the price to drop again and grab shares to see how it unfolds.

Tilray is seen as “speculative” although the price share has grown 280% in 2021. One thing is for certain, we know folks are not going to stop smoking anytime soon. We know cannabis is legal and will soon be federally legalized. So it is simply about which Cannabis Marketing companies will be the boom; I like spreading it around the industry as the whole thing is booming.

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