Cannabis Law 101- How To Get Weed In The DMV For Dummies Updates

Visiting DC: Buying, Smoking, and leaving with my 420 supplies If you have been to Las Vegas recently you may be aware they have cannabis tours of the city. You can get baked in a bus going from spot to spot enjoying the evening. You may be coming to DC soon. Do you think you can find a cannabis tour in DC? Absolutely, positively, and certainly, NOT! While recreational cannabis is legal in the District of Columbia there are caveats of which one should definitely be aware.

The first question is where should you secure your flower purchases? DC has a few storefronts so obviously you should just google one and walk-in to grab something. Wrong! In my Charlie Murphy voice (R.I.P.). It is legal to transport and gift marijuana in the District of Columbia. It is not legal to exchange cannabis for money so a storefront is an illegal business waiting to get raided, possibly with you in it!

There are more than a few delivery services in the District of Columbia. I would drive into the city for cannabis. While recreational cannabis is legal in Virginia to consume, anyone delivering in Virginia is a novice to the game, setting themselves and you up for a perp walk. “Shiiiiiit” in my Clay Davis voice; no thank you. The same holds for Maryland. In the District a reputable and established service, like Select Co-op where I get my supplies from. This is your best best to secure your 420 needs.

You have your cannabis secured. You have always wanted to toke standing next to the Washington Monument so you plan to walk or bike down there. Your friends have an idea to lay out next to the Lincoln Memorial and then go down by the White House toking all the way. Great idea right? WRONG! In a loud Charlie Murphy voice. Cannabis is federally on the banned substances list. There is no smoking on federal property.

Federal property includes all monuments, Smithsonian museums, and government buildings in the District of Columbia. It also includes Federal parks like the Arboretum and federal waterways and places like the National Zoo. You can smoke outside in the District in neighborhood parks, local streets, and of course in the privacy of your home. It is not legal to drive or be on a waterway with cannabis being smoked and I would never condone such a thing!

You have concluded your visit to the District of Columbia and you have left over cannabis, actually you purchased a surplus to take home with you. How do you transport it? The safest means is in your own car via a route friendly to marijuana possession. Be aware that if you are driving that states have different laws concerning cannabis so know the laws of the states you are traveling through.  

What about a train? While trains do not search bags they may have dog patrols at busy/active stations. Although this is rare it is a possibility. I don’t recommend doing so, if one were to do so then one should secure their merchandise in tightly sealed containers in a layered wrap of packing in their personal bag. What about planes? While your carry-on bag is checked on the plane it is a quick scan as the agents do not have time to look at everybody, unless you are “suspicious”. Suspiciousness is subjective so you are at risk if a TSA agent looks at you and decides you may be hiding something. I do not recommend taking the risk. If you choose to do so again; one should secure their merchandise in tightly sealed containers in a layered wrap of (clothes) packing in their personal bag. Often people caught with cannabis have it confiscated and/or have to leave the station or airport. However, again all cases are subjective and there’s no guarantee what will happen if you get caught. 

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