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Cannabis Is Legal In Virginia Now! All You Need For 420 Is In DC

I live in Virginia and do not live close to Washington DC. For as long as I have engaged in blazing we have a network of folks that have had it in my area. We have always just smoked whatever was around. Being that I am not worried about being caught with an amount considered possession (an ounce) I have been driving into Washington DC to grab weed.

I knew nothing of Initiative 71 and had to look it up. I can drive with it in DC, get two ounces, and receive it as a gift. Ok Got it. Some of my friends had been coming up here and told me about placing orders with delivery services, like Select Co-op. The first time in the city I went to a store instead.

Honestly, I was leery about a delivery service. It seems sketchy. However, sketchy is what the two stores I went to were. I will not name them. The first store I went to had a lot of CBD and smoking paraphernalia. I wanted weed. The dude working there showed me a menu with pictures. He brought out something called Purple Haze but it looked like the swag I am accustomed to getting back home.

The second store I went to had a few jars behind a counter. They had two strains. I bought some Sour Diesel. It was simply OK. Later in the week I told my friends about my hitting the stores. They told me more about Initiative 71 and that the stores get raided, are illegal, and tend to be the more sketchy option. They also reminded me to use Select Co-op.

The next week I called Select Co-op. I looked up their website and was impressed; all bet doubtful looking at all the amazing strains they were able to “gift”. I called and placed my order with a pleasant young lady that explained a little about a few strains I had questions about. She answered my questions and gave me information to help me understand hybrids, indicas, and sativas.

Receiving my gift was quick and easy. The driver was there waiting for me. I was a couple minutes late. The best part was getting home. The Runtz I got was freakin awesome. It was delicious and the high was long-lasting and intense! I grabbed some edibles as well. I should have listened to my friends earlier. I call Select every-time I come into the city for my supplies.

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