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Dec 22, 2020
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Cannabis For All

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“That is great news. Cannabis restrictions are being loosened to allow people the right to enjoy this powerful plant. Cannabis won big around the country.”


Cannabis won big around the country in the past November elections. After the election there are now 15 states that legalized recreational use according to CNN. 33 states offer medicinal marijuana according to Webmd.com

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That is great news. Cannabis restrictions are being loosened to allow people the right to enjoy this powerful plant. Isn’t that why America has legalized cannabis? A bill in Washington State speaks to the national reality of…. “Naw”!

In January Washington State lawmakers will vote to determine whether to allow residents to grow cannabis at home. Now if Americans support legalizing cannabis why is this an issue? While Americans support legalizing cannabis, State and local governments support the revenue the government can generate from cannabis. Home growing goes against that grain!

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The bill proposes that adults 21 and older can grow up to six cannabis plants and keep any marijuana the plant produces. Oregon, California, and Colorado already allow such home growing provisions according to the Marijuana Moment. Why not Washington state?

This bill has been introduced since 2015. The bill has languished and never made it to the floor for a vote as the Marijuana Moment reports. The bill is almost identical to last year’s proposed bill. The bill has been brought to the floor every year since 2015. The history of this bill reveals a reality residents of all states should consider…

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The Marijuana Moment reports “Washington’s 2012 marijuana initiative originally omitted a home grow provision. Its authors believed that making consumers purchase products through storefronts that were taxed and regulated would make the measure more palatable to voters..” Interesting spin that the voters prefer it to be sold in stores to be taxed and not let citizens exercise their right to grow their own.

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