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Feb 4, 2022
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Cannabis Culinary Curations

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I recall reading about  “weed” salads. I was definitely intrigued! Then upon further research I found out folks were simply talking about mixing weed.  I thought, “doesn’t everybody do that”? I guess not! Well, if you are new here we are about to engage in cannabis culinary curating… let’s mix some weed!

Select Co-op currently has an arsenal of strains. You cannot choose wrong anyway you go. However, we have some delectable delightful combinations we think you should try. Now starting off our cannabis culinary creations. We will begin with our day-time combinations.

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Day-Time Creations

Purple Tangie is our base for sativa combinations. Purple Tangie tastes of purple (grape and lavender) yet hits with sativa focus and energy to power you through the day. Afterwards, mixing this strain with Passion fruit provides a delicious citrus passion fruit, purple flavor that is awake and bakers dream combination.  

Next we suggest mixing Purple Tangie with Apricot Gelato. This is an excellent midday pick-me-up. The flavors combine for a sweet apricot, citrus, grape sweet deliciousness. The effect is a sharply focused and elated mind that is functionally relaxed for hours. Lastly, we also recommend mixing Purple Tangie with Fruit Punch for a lazy afternoon. The combination of Fruit Punch and Purple Tangie is a hazy experience for times when nothing needs to be accomplished.

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Afternoon/Evening Strains

It is time for our evening curations. First, Gassy Taffy is our base to wind down in the PM. Gassy Taffy has a unique flavor profile of pine earth flavors with touches of nutty caramel and diesel. Now this strain is relaxing without heavy sedation. Afterwards mixing this with Nerdz provides a sugary strawberry and grape to the already amazing gassy taffy flavor.

Lastly, we recommend mixing Gassy taffy with Biscotti Mintz as a nightcap. The taste is an amazing blend of mint, caramel, diesel, chocolate, and spicy pine elements. This mixture will guide you into deeper states of relaxation as you prepare to retire for the evening.  

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