Cannabis Culinary Curations

It is that time again my friends. It is time to make some amazing cannabis culinary curations. Otherwise stated, let’s mix some weed. We take the best of what Select Co-op has on deck, and mix things up for optimal cannabis experiences. If you’re new here, make sure to check out all my Cannabis Culinary Creation articles here.

Day-Time Cannabis Strains

We always begin with day-time sativa blends. Lemon Fuel is our base for sativa mixes. This lemony, citrus, diesel tasting sativa is a wake and bakers ideal strain. We suggest mixing this strain with Webster. While this is not an ideal wake and bake experience…the blend of piney, woody, lemony, diesel elements are a decadent combination and the effects are relaxing sedation with a blast of cerebral energy.  

Next we suggest mixing Lemon Fuel with Euphoria. This culinary curation is an excellent midday pick me-up. The CBD and CBN properties of Euphoria combine nicely with the sativa mind boosting effects of Lemon Fuel to provide a balance of functional sedation and mind-boosting sativa elements.  

Afternoon/Evening Strains

Sweet Diesel is our base for evening combinations. It may seem weird that a Diesel is our base for evening curations. However, this strain is an evenly balanced blend of Sour Diesel and OG Kush. We suggest mixing Sweet Diesel with Larry Bird Kush as an after work relaxing blend. Enjoy the piney, herbal, and sweetly dank taste this blend provides.

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As a pre-dinner treat or after-dinner (pre-dessert or nightcap) we suggest mixing Sweet Diesel and Joker strain. Joker strain provides a unique taste and blend of sativa and indica properties slightly leaning towards indica. Mixing this strain with Sweet Diesel leaves the Diesel a little heavy and potently relaxing.  

Lastly, we recommend mixing Sweet Diesel and Orange Tree strains as a nightcap. For me Orange Tree is a little heavy to hit during the day. Mixing this with Sweet Diesel provides a citrus piney diesel taste that is smooth to inhale. The effect of this combination is a slow and subtle drifting into a body relaxation as the experience wears on…

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