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Feb 19, 2022
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Cannabis Culinary Curating Creativity

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If you do not know what this is then welcome 4:20 enthusiasts. Simply put we are mixing weed. To be more verbose we are crafting cannabis culinary curating excellence with the best strains we grab from Select Co-op delivery dispensary… as we always do let’s get right into it!

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We always begin with sativa daytime cannabis mixes. Passion Fruit will be our sativa daytime base. Along with a rich and decadent tropical fruit taste it also packs an energizing sativa blast of motivation for mind and body engagement. We recommend mixing this strain with Cherry Haze for a beautiful mix of berry flavors for your focused effects.  

Continuing with Passion Fruit as our base lets move later into the day for curations. We recommend mixing Passion fruit and Q3 strain.  This mix of balanced elements is more for effect. The Passion fruit taste will dominate but Q3 adds some functional daytime relaxation.  

Lastly we recommend mixing Passion Fruit with Drizella.. Tangie Cookies win as far as effects here. There is a delicious tropical fruit taste added to the fruity piney elements but an afternoon hazy effect is definitely experienced. This is for winding down later in the day.

Washington DC's Top Rated Weed Delivery

We are now moving to our evening indica cannabis selections. Afghan Goo is our base for the evening. This piney sticky indica is a sweet relaxing treat to finish the evening with Orange Tree. Orange Tree provides a mentally invigorating effect wgle the body winds down for the evening.  

Lastly we recommend mixing Afghan Goo and Blue Gelato. The Afghan Goo properties will dominate here. This is simply a creamy, decadent blueberry piney way to retire for the evening. Thank you Select Co-op!

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