Cannabis Culinary Creations

Welcome back cannabis connoisseurs. We are here for another session of cannabis culinary combining. Some people call this making cannabis salads; we simply call it common sense and have always experimented with mixing strains. We have some sativa combinations and afternoon/evening hybrid mixes to present so let’s get into it…


Viper is our base for sativas. If you have not had it yet then grab it asap from Select Co-op. This strain is a Burmese landrace that is almost 100% sativa. Viper has a taste that is nothing to write home about. However, mix this strain with Chocolope and you now have an amazing blend of spiciness, chocolate, and subtle fruity flavors. Both strains are near 95% sativa dominant so enjoy sativa lovers!

Staying with Viper as the sativa basis for daytime enjoyment; let’s check out mixing it with Mandarin Cookies. The spicy dankness of Viper blends nicely with the nutty, vanilla, and sweet elements of Mandarin Cookies. This could easily be a wake and bake combination that simply enhances the flavors of Viper.

Lastly, I recommend mixing Viper with Pink Picasso strain. Pink Picasso is deliciously decadent with elements of mint, chocolate, cinnamon, and citrus elements. These flavors abound when mixed with Viper. Pink Picasso is a 50/50 hybrid. Mixing it with Viper gives a strong sativa high balanced by body effects that will leave you functionally relaxed. This is a great late afternoon or evening mix.

Alien Cookies

Speaking of evening and afternoon combinations, let’s check out using Alien Cookies as a base. This 50/50 hybrid is equally elating and mentally elevating as it is couch-locking and sleep inducing. Mixing this strain with Super Sour Kush is a powerful blend. Super Sour Kush adds a sharp mental focus to the mental effect. This will last until the body succumbs to the heavy relaxing elements. The cookie flavor and dankness of Alien Cookies blends nicely with the berry and diesel elements of Super Sour Kush.

Lastly, we suggest mixing Alien Cookie with Truffle Butter. This mix is simply for the awesomeness of the taste. This mix assaults the taste buds with vanilla, chocolate, toffee, caramel, spices, and sour dankness that you will want to keep smoking. However, the heaviness of the relaxing elements will surely have you putting the joint down. Enjoy these Cannabis Culinary Creations while Select still has these strains on deck. 

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