Cannabis Culinary Creations And What New Strains You Need To Know!

Cannabis Culinary Creations is not our Cannabis Salad Episodes! While we have done some cannabis infused cooking before this is really not cooking with cannabis. Some folks call mixing together cannabis strains making cannabis salads. We call it common sense but did not realize many do not do this. So let’s check out cannabis curations for the week.

We begin with a base of X-Files strain for the sativa aficionados. X-Files has a sweet, berry, grape diesel taste with a sharp and focusing effect. We suggest mixing X-Files with Lemons strain. The sativa effect remains consistent while the sharp sugary and sour lemon flavors balance nicely with the X-Files flavors.  

Staying with X-Files as a base we also suggest trying it with Lemon Meringue. This mixture is more of a later in the day mix as the relaxing effects of both strains are intensified. The taste is similar to that of mixing it with Lemons, however, there is also a nutty, vanilla, and creamy element to this mixture that lemons strain does not have. 

The last X Files mixture is to mix it with Super Gorilla Glue. This is also an evening strain. The main reason to do so is the amazing taste. Flavors of grape, berry, chocolate, vanilla, mint, and citrus all are detectable and the diesel taste remains on the exhale.  

Time for evening nightcaps my friends. Skywalker OG is our base. For a late afternoon or early evening treat we recommend mixing Super Gorilla Glue with Skywalker. An equal mix will have you balanced between functionality and couch-locked for a longer period of time. Eventually the couch-lock gives way but is prolonged.  

Lastly, we recommend a mix of Skywalker OG and Hippie Crasher. The mixing of diesel gas elements with a cornucopia of fruity, nutty, pinmey, peppery flavors is a treat in itself. However, ensure this is a late night treat. These two indicas combine to put you down for the count! Enjoy my friends!

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