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Cannabis Culinary Creations

I simply do not know where to begin! Select Co-op delivery dispensary has an arsenal of fire strains on deck right now. Our cannabis curations were quite difficult to narrow down this week. For those new to the vibe we are mixing strains of like effects and tastes.  

Usually we have sativa recommendations that begin with wake and bake, midday selections and afternoon wind down. However, there are such amazing sativas offered right now you could wake and bake off any combination. We shall use Trix as our sativa base. This amazing 90% sativa is a sweet fruity blast of focused mental energy and physical motivation to conquer the moment. Adding some Red Congolese to the mix will spice up the taste with its peppery earthy nature. It’s also 100% sativa.  

Next let’s see what the blending of Trix and Ultra Sour can do. Ultra Sour has a nice mellow focusing effect. It is long-lasting and great for having to get creative in one’s work. Adding Trix to the mix increases the energy level and adds a sweet fruity element to the slightly piney diesel nature of Ultra Sour.  

Lastly lets see how Trix and Fruit Punch combine. This is one of the sweetest combinations one can experience. Your taste buds will experience a decadent blend of citrus, berries, grapes, sweet syrupy Hi-C or maybe Tropicana fruit punch all in one toke. The added benefit of energy, focus, and motivation is cherry on the cake.

We shall now move into evening curations. Sour Pink lemonade is our base strain. Do not let the name fool you. It tastes more like a spicy beer with lime than lemonade. This strain slowly creeps on you with relaxation and calming energy. Mixing this with Blue Dream adds some sweet and creamy berry elements and some focus as well as energy before the calm sets in for the long haul.  

Lastly, we recommend Sour Pink Lemonade and Stardawg 91. This mixture tastes like beer and a smoke. The spicy hops like elements with lime accents combine with the gassy diesel-ness of Stardawg 91. Expect the body and mind to drift into heavy sedation if not sleep.  

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