Cannabis Culinary Creations

Welcome back for another edition of Cannabis Culinary Creations! What is that you may ask? Simply put, we are mixing cannabis to enhance the effect and/or taste to experience. Let’s mix some strains then my friends!

Day-Time Cannabis Creations

We will begin with day-time mixes for sativa lovers. Our base for these mixes will be the amazing and glorious Sour Diesel. We suggested mixing Sour Diesel with Green Apple OG. This is a wake and baker’s dream. One gets a blast of focused elating energy and a body fueled to get things done. The taste is a nice blend of sweet candy apples and dank gassy diesel.  

Staying with Sour Diesel you may want to mix it with some Mimosa later on in the morning or midday. Mimosa offers a slight mental and body relaxation that is a nice complement to the energizing power of Sour Diesel. This mix tastes of sweet berries, citrus elements, and dank diesel.  

Our last culinary suggestion for Sour Diesel is a late afternoon or early evening mix with Bacio Gelato. This “ice cream kiss” is a sugary treat when mixed with diesel creates a sugary, berry, minty diesel flavor. This is a balanced hybrid and mixing it with Sour Diesel provides a noticeable body relaxation and a lessening of Sour Diesel’s cerebral intensity.  

Afternoon Cannabis Creations

Let’s check out some evening wind down combinations. Our base for these mixes is once again the “ice cream kiss”.. .Bacio Gelato basically translates to ice cream kiss or kiss of ice cream. Alone this strain is a 50/50 hybrid that tastes of sweet berries and sour minty citrus elements. Mixing this strain with Mimosa you get hints of other fruity elements with a more pronounced sativa effect to balance the functional body relaxation.

Our last combination is to end the evening. Critical Kush is a spicy herbal heavy indica for getting to sleep and alleviating pain.  Mixing this with Bacio Gelato provides some sweet berry elements to balance the piney nature of Kush. The effect is still nighty nighty in the near future after hitting this mixture. While Select Co-op Delivery Dispensary has these strains on deck one should “take advantage man”!

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