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Cannabis Culinary Creations

Cannabis Culinary Creations, welcomes you back friends. We are here to share our ideas for cannabis culinary salad creations. Simply put, we are mixing weed of similar profiles for maximum effect. Let’s get into it!

Malawi Gold

We are starting with our wake and bake sativa salads. Malawi Gold is our base. If you have not had this strain stop reading this and call Select Co-op immediately. This is a 100% sativa landrace strain. This strain is amazing by itself. Yet, mix this strain with Sour Diesel and you have a sweet banana diesel flavor to jump start your day.

What about Malawi Gold and Jet Fuel? This combination should be regulated it is so energizing. This is perfect before working out, to focus the mind, or to just want to sail through the day with heightened focus and energy. This may be a 120% sativa mix!

Lastly, we recommend mixing Malawi Gold with Mimosa. This is a perfect midday combination. The flavors combine wonderfully. The spicy banana flavors of Malawi Gold are accentuated by the sweet citrus, berry elements of Mimosa. Malawi Gold dominates the effects leaving a slight heaviness as the effects wind down.  

Orange Sherbert

Now we are transitioning into looking at evening combinations to relax and wind down. The delicious and balanced hybrid Zkittlez is a base for these mixes. Mixing Zkittlez with Orange Sherbert is a nice after-work or late afternoon blend. The berry and sugary candy flavors of Zkittlez combine nicely with the citrus creamy elements of Orange Sherbert. The effects are a balance of heightened awareness and functional relaxation.

Mixing Zkittlez with Zoap is a delicious combination to wind the evening down. The mouth is teased with a cornucopia of berry, citrus fruits, tropical fruits, sweet spices, creamy vanilla, and piney earth tones. The body will wind down slowly preparing for sleep. Enjoy as a nightcap

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