Cannabis Culinary Combinations

Welcome back fellow 4:20 enthusiasts. It is time for another edition of cannabis culinary combinations. It is time to mix some weed y’all. We have a tradition of mixing strains of similar effects to enhance those effects!  

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Day-Time Cannabis Combinations

We are beginning with Acid Dough as our sativa day-time base strain. Acid Dough has a tropical fruit and subtle diesel flavor that leaves you social and giddy. We like mixing this strain with Drizella. Both have similar effects and adding Drizella gives you more of a tropical fruity flavor as well.  

Staying with Acid Dough as the base we also suggest mixing it with Jack Skellington. I like the balanced mental effects thuis combination brings. Jack Skellington provides a calming balance to the giddiness offered by Acid Dough. This combination also has a subtle sour diesel aftertaste.  

Lastly, we recommend combining Acid Dough with Fuel strain. Fuel, aka Fuel Biscuit, has an amazing taste as the offspring of GSC and Gelato. Enjoy the fruity, nutty, creamy decadent taste this blend offers. Also enjoy the functional relaxation provided as an after-work relaxing experience.  

Evening Combinations

Let’s move into our evening curations. For evening relaxation Frostbite will be our base. Although Frostbite is said to be a sativa leaning hybrid, this strain provides a balance of cerebral energy and functional relaxation. Mixing Frostbite with Blue Light is a consummate after-work treat. The combination tastes of blueberry piney diesel. The effect is a long-lasting non-sedating body relaxing experience.  

Lastly, we recommend mixing Frostbite with Gorilla Biscuit. This is a nice strain to prepare to end the day. Gorilla Biscuit has a heavy body relaxing effect. Mixing this with Frostbite will provide relaxing, blissful, and almost psychedelic energy as the mind fades away into slumber. Grab these mixes to try from Select Co-op while you can!

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