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Jun 21, 2021
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Cannabis Culinary Combing

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It is salad making time again my people. We look at the best combinations, the best blends of mixing what is on the menu from our folks at Select Co-Op. Today we will begin with a few choice sativa salads and close off the selections with some evening indica pairings… Let’s get it!


Diesel is on deck! Diesel will be our base for all of our sativa salad specials. We begin with Diesel and AK-49. I like the mood boosting and mind focusing effects of AK-49. Mix this strain with Diesel and you have a wake and bake strain that focuses the mind and gives a blast of creative body activating energy to conquer the day while feeling awesome. The Diesel taste will dominate this mix.

Next we have a nice combination of Diesel and Lemon Thai. This combinations taste is amazing. It’s the equal mix of both yielding and a delicious tropical fruit initial taste with a sharp Diesel effect on the exhale. Enjoy the taste and the sharp mental focusing effect is an added benefit.

Jet Fuel

Our last sativa salad selection is the combination of Diesel and Jet Fuel. Bam, Zoom, to the Moon Alice! It was funny, he joked about beating his wife’s ass on the honeymooners… #Metoo. Anyways, back to the point, Diesel and Jet Fuel can have you flying to the moon. This is wake and bake energy squared! Enjoy this mixture to power through workouts, work, or any aspect of simply living life with mad energy to do it!    

It is now time for our evening night cap recommendations. Grand-Daddy Purple (GDP) will be the base we use for two recommendations. First we recommend the combination of GDP and AK-49. This is to lessen the psychedelic and heavy body effects of GDP. A little GDP and a lot of AK-49 (maybe a 3 to 1 ration) offers the decadent taste of GDP while giving the mind and body more of the AK-49 balanced effects.  

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Lastly, to end the evening we recommend a mixture of GDP and Big Buddha Cheese (BBC). The taste is of pure decadence! The sweet berry, grape, popsicle flavors are detectable on the inhalation, and upon exhale the sharp pungent dankness of cheese dominates the flavor experience. Then expect to wind down into couchlock bliss. Enjoy the cannabis salads friends!

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