Cannabis Club TV

I was wondering if there was a TV station dedicated to cannabis. I looked on Google not knowing what I may find. I found Cannabis Club TV. I thought it was a hoax at first.

The first show highlighted was getting high with Hashley. No thank you. Honestly, she nor her friends are not people I want to get high with… The episode was babbling about babbling.

Cannabis Club Art2

I have not checked out some of the shows on their Cannabis Club TV entertainment category yet. They have tabs for the “Master Bong: Macgyver of Pot” and Star Leaf that has an intense logo of a weed leaf like its X Files. I laugh at this as I do not take cannabis this seriously. I smoke it and move on with my day.

There are the Chappell puppets. I was hyped. Oh Shit! Dave Chapelle got a puppet show on here. Notice Dave Chappelle’s “Chappelle” has a letter E at the end. The previous mentioned puppet show does not. It ain’t Dave Chapelle and I think y’all knew that is a bait and switch.

Cannabis Club Art3

The reality TV section has some interesting shows I watched. I checked out some of the Magical Butter as an infuser myself. Good information. I also looked at the Soil King for a full episode. It held my interest is what I will say.

They have some informative shows as well concerning CBD and Hemp farming. I am getting more into it. The more I learn I will share y’all!

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