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Mar 3, 2021
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Cannabis And COVID Update

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“There was research when COVID first hit how smoking cigarettes was correlated with lower infection rates. Mind you we are speaking of tobacco smoke.”


I saw a recent article by a major news publication recently entitled “10 things to do Now while you wait for the VOVID vaccine”. The author of the article obviously had space to fill and no content to fill it. The article spoke to basic things we all should be doing to maintain a healthy and vibrant life. Ironically; cannabis smokers are more prevalent to do more of the things on the list; according to most recent research; check out our past articles on cannabis and exercise. Let’s check out the list from our cannabis perspective.

Number one on the list was to quit smoking. This is interesting. There was research when COVID first hit how smoking cigarettes was correlated with lower infection rates. However, current research from the National Institute of Health indicates smoking tobacco increases the risk of “up-regulation of the angiotensin converting enzyme II-receptor, which is the main entry point for the virus”.

Mind you we are speaking of tobacco smoke. Unfortunately, many folks in Europe chase cannabis with tobacco. While tasting nasty, it also is now a marijuana cigarette, literally (no thank you)! While the information published by, DR. Mitchell Davis via South Florida Hospital News, indicates there is no adverse risk to smoking cannabis flowers associated with cannabis. In fact, while they medical industry cannot definitely state what the federal government has denied them to research, DR. Mitchell explained that, “There is some preliminary evidence to suggest that cannabis or CBD can prevent infection from the coronavirus and that, in cases of infection it may reduce the severity of the resulting illness.”

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Researchers studied more than 400 strains to determine the potential of cannabis to prevent infection by interfering with the ability of the virus to bind to cell receptors. Several strains reduced the number of available virus receptors by up to 73 percent. Reducing the number of receptors produces a lower chance of getting infected.

OK, the second point was to sleep uninterruptedly for 8 hours every night. A good indica and/or hybrid will ensure this happens. Enjoy moderately. The third point was to exercise daily. Cannabis users are shown to exercise more regularly that non-users (check our past articles).

The fourth point was to increase daily fiber intake. Vegetable fiber such as broccoli and cabbage along with flax seeds, and whole grains can help strengthen intestinal flora and overall health. Some of the terpenes in these foods are suspected to boost the medicinal effects of certain strains. Managing stress is the fifth point and can be managed by moderated cannabis use.

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Working to maintain a healthy weight is the 6th point. While cannabis users are associated with being a couch potato munchers; statistics show cannabis users are more active and workout more consistently than non-users (again check our past articles). Optimizing gut microflora, is the seventh point. Eating on a schedule and intermittent fasting while using cannabis can help with this. The 8th and 9th are addressing hormonal and autoimmune issues respectively. Chronic users should consult their medical professional concerning these concerns.

Lastly, the article mentions lowering the bodies’ overall inflammation. We are aware CBD and certain strains overall diminish and alleviate pain and inflammation. 4:20 wisely and live to maintain your vitality family!

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