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May 19, 2023
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Canadian cannabis sales rebound in March to CA$405.5 million

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Consumer sales of recreational cannabis products rose in every Canadian province during in March 2023, according to newly released data by Statistics Canada.

Sales rebounded strongly to 405.5 million Canadian dollars ($300 million), up 11.3% from the previous month and 12.8% compared to the same period last year.

It’s the second time Canada’s cannabis sales surpassed the CA$400 million threshold. December 2022’s sales were CA$425.9 million.

Sales in March 2023 were led by Ontario – Canada’s most valuable market – where cannabis sales rose 12% to CA$158.9 million.

Ontario’s sales accounted for 40% of the country’s consumer cannabis revenue, which is roughly proportional to its population in Canada.

After Ontario, the second-biggest consumer cannabis market was Alberta.

Alberta’s recreational marijuana sales increased 11.2% in March over the previous month to CA$72.3 million.

In the remaining provinces, monthly marijuana sales and month-over-month changes were as follows:

British Columbia: CA$63.4 million (+11.5%)
Quebec: CA$50.7 million (+12.6%)
Manitoba: CA$15.9 million (+10.6%)
Nova Scotia: CA$9.5 million (+11.8%)
New Brunswick: CA$6.2 million (flat)
Newfoundland: CA$6.1 million (+1%)
Prince Edward Island: CA$1.9 million (+12%)
Saskatchewan: CA$18.7 million (+1%)
Yukon: CA$925,000 (+17%)

Statistics Canada did not report cannabis sales for the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

By city, Toronto was the frontrunner with CA$52.4 million in consumer cannabis sales in March, an increase of 11% over February.

Montreal came second with CA$27.6 million in sales that month, up 12.8%.

March cannabis retail sales in select Canadian cities and monthly sales changes were:

Edmonton, Alberta: CA$24.3 million (+11.4%).
Vancouver, British Columbia: CA$20.5 million (+10.9%).
Calgary, Alberta: CA$20 million (+11%).
Ottawa, Ontario: CA$14.3 million (+20%).
Winnipeg, Manitoba: CA$9.6 million (+9.1%).
Quebec City: CA$4.7 million (+15.6%).
Gatineau, Quebec: CA$1.3 million (+11.4%).

Statistics Canada’s cannabis retail sales data is available here.

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