Cannabis Culinary Curations

Welcome back 4:20 enthusiasts! It is time for another session of cannabis culinary curations. Simply put, we are mixing cannabis. We take strains of similar properties and mix them for optimal effect and taste. If you’re new here make sure to check out all my articles here! Let’s get into it y’all.

Day-time Strains

Our sativa base for daytime use shall be Lemon Bubble strain. Lemon Bubble is a great wake and bake strain that energizes the body and focuses the mind. Lemon Bubble has a sweet herbal and slightly fruit taste balanced by sour dank elements. We suggest mixing Lemon Bubble with Orange Durban. Orange Durban’s citrus and earthy elements mix well with Lemon Bubble and they both are morning energizers.  

Next we suggest combining some Lemon Bubble with Kali Mist. The sweet and sour elements of Lemon Bubble balance the spicy taste profile of Kali Mist. Kali Misty adds a mentally clearing and focused calm to the energizing properties that are enhanced by combining the two strains.

Lastly for daytime sativa curations we suggest mixing Lemon Bubble with Tropicana Cookies. Both strains are almost equally energizing to get up and conquer the day. However, the heavy flavor of Tropicana Cherries citrus, cherry, berry, and nutty sweetness dominates the taste experience.

Afternoon/Evening Strains

Select Co-Op Banner Strain Review

Now it is time for some afternoon cannabis culinary curations. Crying White Rhino is our base for the evening experienceThis strain may top out at 30% THC levels and has an even balance of mental invigoration and functional relaxation. Crying White Rhino has a sweet fruity and subtle earthy taste to it. Mixing this strain with Do-SiDos adds a minty and slightly sour taste to the profile. Do-Si-Dos has strong relaxing properties that may have you simply wanting to Netflix and chill after combining with Lemon Bubble.

Lastly, we recommend mixing Lemon Bubble with Blueberry Headband. This combination will initiate winding down for the evening or putting you right to sleep depending on your tolerance. Blueberry Headband adds a diesel and sour element to Lemon Bubble. While these strains are around, mix them up as you choose, grabbing them for Select Co-op.  

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