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You may have seen social media posts touting the benefits of cannabis on your workout. While this may seem oxymoronic, because there are a number of things that I don’t recommend that anyone do when they’re high, and lifting heavy equipment is one of them. Believe it or not, there are some positive benefits that THC can have on your workout. Currently, there are ongoing research on this topic, but there is some preliminary evidence that seems quite positive.

A San Francisco based DIAKADI trainer, named Zach Scioli has been exploring the possible benefits of marijuana for his fitness clients. He’s considered over 483 components and a spectrum of strains, in his effort to explain the place cannabis has in the fitness world, the ways professional athletes can benefit from cannabis, and how you can leverage those munchies for the greater good.

Select The Right Strain

It’s important to select the right strain. Think about it, if you’re experiencing back pain, you don’t walk in the pharmacy and ask for any pain – reliever. If your pain is due to inflammation, it’s best to take a pain – reliever that has anti – inflammatory benefits. The same can be said for your workout. Think about the areas that you need to improve on in your fitness. Ask yourself, what can I improve in my workout? If it’s a lack of motivation once you get in the gym, a sativa may provide that extra boost. If it’s winding down at the end of the night, then an indica may help you get the much needed sleep to put you in a good place, for muscle recovery and for tomorrow’s session.

Cannabis is generally separated into two categories, Indica and Sativas. Sativas are thought to produce the stimulating effect most people associate with marijuana. Where as Indicas provide the other side, which is more calming. Keep in mind that most marijuana grown in the US are hybrids, so it is helpful to understand the percentages of THC and CBD in your selected strain. A more THC – dominant marijuana is going to be more sedative, and a flower that is more CBD – dominant will be more uplifting.

It May Improve Your Focus

Scioli has coached clients who’ve struggled with ADD/ADHD, who were prescribed some sort of pharmaceutical stimulant, that they were on for years and years. “I’ve used sativas to coach them off those pharmaceutical drugs to the point where they use cannabis extracts infrequently than regularly depending on a pharmaceutical,” said Scioli. This is because a by – product of marijuana can be improved focus and performance. Another benefit can be reduced soreness.

CBD Is Believed To Have Powerful Anti – Inflammatory Effects.

CBD products, in-particular, may reduce inflammation and therefore increase your ability to focus or work harder by soothing any nagging pain you have. While studies are still out on this, and the World Anti – Doping Agency (WADA) makes it very clear that marijuana in its natural and synthetic states is banned in – performance, it has come around to cannabidiol (CBD), the substance responsible for so many of its medicinal benefits. Scioli says. “In terms of [treating] inflammation, stress reduction, and endocrine harmonizing benefits, just using CBD would be a great option at a far less risk.”

CBD’s benefits can be helpful for the average person’s workout. Also, natural inflammation occurs in the body after a workout. This can be difficult to overcome. The use of CBD — which is available in topical creams, capsules, sprays, and more — can help curb increased stiffness and soreness following workouts, allowing for greater flexibility and prime condition the next day.

Use Marijuana’s Munchies To Your Advantage

If you are in need of bulking up, marijuana may be the perfect supplement. One of the most widely known side effects of marijuana consumption is the munchies. The THC in marijuana stimulates the appetite which can be utilized as a part of a strategy to add muscle mass through increased calorie consumption.

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