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Aug 18, 2021
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Can Cannabis Help You Sleep Better? What Are The Benefits?

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“Can Cannabis help you sleep better? It most definitely can! A good night’s rest is fundamental to being a high-functioning member of society.”


Can Cannabis help you sleep better? It most definitely can! A good night’s rest is fundamental to being a high-functioning member of society. Over 70 million people experience sleep disorders, according to the National Institute of Health. Consumers spend more than $70 million annually on sleep aids, with the majority of that spend going towards medications. Given the tumultuous upheaval of the pandemic, this past year has brought us, more people than ever before are struggling with sleeplessness.

Many consumers have reported either replacing alcohol entirely with cannabis or reducing their alcohol intake and switching to cannabis as a way to manage the stress brought on by the pandemic. Many cannabis-based businesses have seen an uptick in sales of products designed to assist with sleep. Consumers challenged by insomnia and anxiety, cannabis can be an effective tool in reducing stress and managing sleep.

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For many marijuana users a heavy indica based flower offers relief and relaxation that will assist with sleeplessness. Whether they smoke it or consume it via other ingestion methods most are satisfied by the benefits.

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There have been a lot of discussions around the benefits of Cannabis oil (CBD) as a sleep aid. It is one of the 100 compounds found in marijuana or hemp. Research does suggest that CBD can help with sleep. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system and can serve to regulate its normal functions. Some studies have shown that CBD is beneficial for helping to reduce stress and discomfort from inflammation, which can contribute to difficulty in falling asleep. Some people who struggle with sleeplessness find CBD drops, or capsules beneficial.

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For some taking CBD on a daily basis, supports the regulations of their bodily functions and biorhythms, which includes the sleep cycle. CBD can have a calming effect when used over time. Also, CBC can relieve joint pain, and muscle soreness, problems that occur as we age, or are physically active. A benefit of relief from these conditions often is a better night’s sleep.

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The terpenes found in cannabis can also contribute to a better night’s rest. Chamomile, a commonly known supplement that many turn to for its benefits to the nervous system, is a calming herb and an example of a terpene. Marijuana has many terpenes. Chamomile can be combined with marijuana for an enhanced effect. Other terpenes found in marijuana that support sleep include –
*Myrcene and Limonene for relaxing and calming effects
*Caryophyllene for stress-reducing effects
*Linalool for sedative and pain-relieving properties.
As more, and more people struggle with sleep, many have discovered that cannabis is a safe and effective remedy to support a good night’s rest.

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