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Cake Mix Strain Review

I have been getting mostly 50/50 hybrids lately. I have been enjoying some dynamite strains courtesy of Select Co-op. As the ice and snow is all over the place I am on my get up and workout in the morning and evening grind. In this house working from home plus the snow is no bueno!

Wedding Cake

So what y’all got for me Select? Cake Mix. Ok sounds good let’s check it out. A crossing of Wedding Cake and London Pound Cake. That sounds like an indica blast of sleepiness. WRONG! In my Charlie Murphy Voice. Cake Mix is a 85/15 sativa dominant blast of energy that says let’s get it done (whatever it is). This a definite wake and bake strain.

London Pound Cake

Cake Mix can register up to 25% THC levels and 2% CBD. That is just awesome. I was rimed to move and workout and get therapeutic benefits for recovery as well. I love this strain! The icing on the cake… Yes, I just did say that.. This strain tastes of vanilla, almond, berries, and smooth creamy elements. Cake Mix is an easy choice, do not make it difficult to choose… The decision is a piece of cake!

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