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Buddha Tahoe OG Strain Review

This strain seems like a villain in a straight to video Asian flick with Tony Jaa or Scott Adkins. The dude is known for meditating before killing his enemies. Dude is also from Tahoe, or drives a Tahoe. I don’t know!

Buddha Tahoe OG strain, Buddha Tahoe, or Buddha Tahoe Kush is 50/50 balanced hybrid. I call bullshit. I call 100% bullshit. I told my folks at Select Co-op I needed something for pain and night-time goodnight. They recommended Buddha Tahoe OG. I agree this is not evenly balanced not at all!

This is for going to sleep. At best this is for fading into a couch-lock you will not remember the next day. Buddha Tahoe OG can get up to 22% THC levels. It tastes of a dank Kush with spices and citrus elements. The flavor does not matter. This is for evening medicinal relief!

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