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Mar 9, 2020
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Boomers Are The Real Cannabis Consumers

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Ever hear your grandma say “weed is stronger than what it used to be back in the day.” ? No, just me? OK. My point is, just like people, weed has been around for a long time. With 11 states allowing recreational use in addition to 33 states legalizing medical use, I think it’s about time to start looking at the big consumers who appear to be calling the real shots when talking about the herb, the baby boomers. Nope, don’t give me that look I know what you’re thinking. “it’s no way!”. But let me tell you there definitely is. For those who don’t know, baby boomers are those who were born back in the day between 46’ and 64’. You know what that means, moms and pops or even grandma and grandpa (depending on your age) could be sparking right under your nose and you don’t even know it. Or maybe you do? I wouldn’t know, but what I do know is that the boomers themselves make up an enormous part of our current population, around 25 to 30 percent. Although even after hearing this bit of information I still couldn’t believe what I was reading, seeing and hearing.

From my perspective, it would’ve made more sense that the younger crowd would be the biggest consumer of cannabis. But after taking a deep look into more information I started to understand why this was happening. As we know overtime our body tends to naturally deteriorate, some faster than others, sorry pop-pop. However, this means that we’re more likely to look at pain management alternatives as we get older. This can ultimately result in the older crowd looking into natural pain alternatives, hence marijuana. But before you go convincing yourself that because more states around the country continue to legalize marijuana, that it makes sense as to why the boomers are the top consumer (don’t steal my rhymes), then you’ve got a bit more information to go chief. 

Nevertheless, it was reported that the boomers themselves preferred to purchase pot from recreational dispensaries which cost more. However, some believe that the elderly getting up to go to the local weed spot is kind of cool in a sense. This was due to most sharing the same reluctance to ask a doctor for a medical card. I guess growing up in a predominantly anti-cannabis based society really does stick with you though, I get chills just thinking about it.

Reported in a recent article by NBC, Dr. Hillary Lum from the University of Colorado expressed how she believes that doctors may not want to worsen stigma, but instead want to have really trust-based decisions and discussions, and that takes time and training,” In coherence with this perspective, it’s shown through studies of behavior that the OG’s are among the most intrigued when it comes to weed. No seriously, they actually care, they’re just not too open about it, yet.

So with all of this being said I can honestly say I now understand why baby boomers are at the top of the crop when talking smokers. I mean really think about it, what does grandma really have to do? Damn near 70 percent of the working class are not boomers. This means most of those born between 46’ and 64’ are retired and ready to spend their 401-k’s on the next best thing that can enhance their everyday experience while giving them the least problems, aka cannabis. With its various forms of consumption along with its mental and physical pain benefits, it’s kind of a no-brainer that the OG’s are the main ones putting their money where their pain is.

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