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Boom Bar Strain Review

Big up to the Legion of Boom when they beat the shit out of the Denver Broncos and Payton Manning. I loved that game and was mad as hell when they let the Broncos score. It was comical the next day seeing Payton Manning groupies damn near in tears. Anyway… I just was reminded of them due to this “Boom Bar“.

Boom Bar Art

I’m just getting into edibles. I am a smoker by habit and preference. My guy at Select said he ate two and was fucked up. I’m trying one of these 300 mg THC bars. First off I can tolerate chocolate so that is Kool. I’m not a candy eater. So the fact that this bar got M&Ms in it is not my thing. I ate this thing and put it down with some Chaga tea to take away the aftertaste of chocolate and candy.

Off one Boom Bar I felt the effects, but it ain’t nothing to write home about. I felt euphoric and my lady and I enjoyed an intimate night. After an hour we toked up as we both felt like it was not doing too much. I’ll try two next time. It ain’t hit like the Legion of Boom.

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