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Blueberry Chemdawg Strain Review

I want more creativity dammit! What about BerryDawg Blue? You like Pitbull Berry strain? How about BlueChem Dawg Berry? Ok, I will stop hating. Naming strains ain’t that easy. Let’s check out Blueberry Chemdawg.

blueberry chemdawg art

This strain is the crossing of… Drum roll for the suspense… Of course Blueberry and Chemdawg strains. Some call it Blue Dog so folks ain’t too much better at naming strains than me. This strain is said to be 60% indica leaning and can get up to 23% THC levels. Blueberry is a classic indica and Chemdawg is the classic balanced strain that is progenitor to many dynamite offspring.

Blueberry Chemdawg has an amazing taste. I was expecting more diesel/gassiness from the Chemdawg. However the sweetness of the blueberry overpowers with a subtle tangy slight citrus or fig like flavor. The slight sativa nature of Chemdawg starts this party off with energized euphoria… Then the descent to body relaxed euphoric wakeful slumber begins. This strain hit me hard and I was couchlocked while being wakefully alseep. This is an evening strain. I was running allday and after a few hits in the evening I was TKO’d as I was still on my feet but dazed and confused.

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