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Blueberry Muffins Strain Review

I am biased. When I was a kid I did not get Skittles, M & Ms, or Twizzlers from 7-11. I would get the pack of blueberry muffins…now I was 8 and did not realize how disgusting those were compared to muffins actually made with food ingredients, but I am always partial to Blueberry Muffiins! Unlike that corner store cheap junk food the Blueberry Muffins strain has quality genetics crossing Blueberry, Purple Pantie, and Dropper.

The taste of Blueberry definitely comes through in this strain. However, the Dropper and Purple Panty gives a sharp sativa cerebral effect making this perfect for anytime of day use. However, I got to stay on the taste. The Blueberry flavor is sweet and smooth that almost comes off wet and almost creamy to the taste. It looks as good as it tastes and smells with purplish blue flowers radiating that nostalgic smell…well nostalgic for me!

Whether you are partial to actual blueberry muffins or not you cannot go wrong picking this strain. The THC level is moderate (maybe ranging from 16-19%) and the high is a quality long-lasting effect. The taste, smell, and appearance experienced users will appreciate for impressing on all levels.

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