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Blue Light Strain Review

It is time to break out the Dancehall reggae DJ voice again. Blue Light is a new strain! I repeat a new strain! My alarm has gotten a little used to waken up late so I am glad I have the chance to break it out again….”Ring the alarm, a new strain is growing…ring the alarm a new strain we toking…woooaaah” Anyways, lets hop into this the new strain review!

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Blue Light is the strain we are thankful for shout to Select Co-op for having it on deck. This strain is an indica leaning hybrid strain the strain may top out at around 20% THC levels. Blue Light is a strain that is best for either day or night time medicinal and recreational use.

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Blue Light is the product of crossing Blueberry and Northern Lights. With having two heavy indicas as parents the effects of the strain were surprising. I was infused with energy before a calming and euphoric effect overcame me with a light sedating effect. This strain has a strong and delicious blueberry flavor but yet very well balanced strain. Its inhale is smooth not harsh and it lets that fruity taste stay in the back of your throat. Just like its taste, the strains smell is a berry scent which is very pleasant.

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