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Blue Ice OG Strain Review

I am breaking out the DJ Clue metal chrome voice…”new strain, new strain”! We talking Blue Ice OG here. Not Blue Ice. Be clear we got Blue Ice OG. Let’s get into this awesome sativa hybrid strain.  

Blue Ice OG is a sativa hybrid that is said to be 60% sativa dominant. I just call it an evenly balanced strain. This is a chill sativa for late afternoon or evening relaxation. The strain is balanced in that the cerebral effects are stimulating, motivating, and creativity inspiring while the body is functionally relaxed without heaviness.  

blue ice

Blue Ice OG can get up to 15% THC levels. The strain is not potent and hitting a full jay is enjoyable for the sweet berry and piney Kush flavors that blend deliciously. The smoke is light and the high is not heavy but the chill effects are long-lasting. Great recommendation from Select Co-Op!

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