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Blue Gelato Strain Review

Blue Gelato is not just any regular strain. This is simply an excellent strain. This strain may be the closest strain to being a perfect hybrid. Thanks to Select Co-op if it weren’t for you I would’ve never tried this strain! Grab it while its in stock or I might just buy all of it!

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Blue Gelato strain is the result of combining Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry strains. This strain is decadently delicious. Blue Gelato tastes of fruity, nutty, creamy elements balanced by a sour piney flavor. The high you get from Blue Gelato is just as great and delightful as the taste of it, with clear-headed effects that are perfect for any lazy afternoon at home. You’ll feel a relaxing set a few minutes after your first hit, filling you with a sense of motivation and determination that is accompanied by a light touch of energy.

blue gelato strain

Blue Gelato can get up to as high as 29% THC levels. Along with its awesome flavor, Blue Gelato strain both provides the mind with focused motivation and the body with functional relaxation. The nuggets from Blue Gelato have hues of deep blue contrasted by bright orange hairs. Select Co-op has all the strains you want and I review all of them here!

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