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Blue Frost Strain Review

Blue Dream is one of my all-time favorite strains. So when I hear Blue Frost I am thinking this might be like a Blueberry and gassy Chemdawg kinda thing going on… Almost like a Blueberry menthol flavor. Let’s check out what Blue Frost actually is and does. The name is what got me to grab it!

Blue Frost Art

Select Co-Op always has fire, but this is ice cold! Blue Frost is said to be slightly indica, but I say balanced hybrid that is the spawn of Blue Monster, Northern Lights, and Jack Frost. Blue Monster has an eclectic line of indicas in its strain including Blueberry while Jack Frost is White Widow crossed with Northern Lights. Blue Frost can get up to 22% tHC levels.

Blue Frost is frosted with trichomes bling blinging all over the place. I was right about the menthol thing in the beginning. Well, kinda because there is a slight mint aroma that the buds emit. The smoke tastes of blueberry and blue cheese. There is a sweet yet biting dankness to the flavor. Blue Frost hits with giggly euphoria that slowly morphs into an enjoyable body relaxing haze. The body relaxation pain relieving properties are intense.

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