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Blue Dream Strain Review

Big ups to Select Co-op. They are keeping the classic quality staple strains around. It simply a matter is this strain more dope than the last one as you know you always are getting quality. Blue Dream is back. I could not decide between Zookies and Blue Dream. So I got both!

I know what Blue Dream does and this was a sweet dream indeed. For those that do not know Blue Dream is the result of crossing Blueberry and Haze. I forget its lineage at times as it sativa effects often has me assuming diesel is in there somewhere. Blueberry gives this strain an amazing fruity decadent taste of sweet blueberries with Haze giving the smoke a light creamy nature.   

Blue Dream is an any-time of day almost perfect hybrid. Pain relief and muscle relaxation are provided while still being able to function without a heavy or drained feel. The sativa elements are euphoric and energizing allowing the day to come with ease. Blue Dream has THC levels ranging from low 20% to up to %25 percent. Again the body relaxing effects are potent.  

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