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Blue Diesel Strain Review

Blue Diesel is also known as Blue City Diesel. I like Blue City Diesel better. Where is Blue City? Is it Seattle, because it is always raining and gave us grunge music? Is it some beachside town that offers an endless view of ocean blue. Is it some move where…. OK yes, I am nice!

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Blue City Diesel maybe called “Blue City Diesel,” because this shit is heavy. This strain of diesel is indica dominant and you feel it. Blue City Diesel is a cross between Blueberry and NYC Diesel. The indica effects of Blueberry definitely dominate here.

This strain tastes of Blueberries and dank harsh diesel. Blue City Diesel can get above 23% THC levels and can offer over 1% CBD. This is potent medicine. At first a blast of cerebral sativa energy hits but the descent into heavy indica pain relief soon begins.

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