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Blue Crack Strain Review

This strain is perfectly balanced, perfect aroma, perfect looking, and was a perfect selection for me this week from Select Co-op. The legend is Snoop Dogg named Green Crack, because he could not stop hitting the shit. Well take that and mix it with the velvety sweet treat of Blue Dream and let’s see what it do!

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Blue Crack is the offspring of Blue Dream and Green Crack strains. The sativa cerebral effect and diesel taste of Green Crack are still present. However, the subtle and but potent body relaxing effects of Blue Dream are not diminished as the two combine giving Blue Crack a dynamic daytime medication that will energize the mind while providing relief to pain and inflammation. Blue Crack can get up to 24% THC levels.

Have water by you as Blue Crack will give you the dry mouth. Also plan your 4:20 munchies in advance as a rush of hunger may have you invading the fridge in a rampage. That is the only downside of this beautiful strain and medicine. Thank you Select!

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