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Blue Cheese Strain Review

Ny-quil will help you get your zzzz’s…. Can’t go to sleep, Can’t stay asleep… Try Unisom. Yeah extra strength cold medicine, sleeping aids, a tranquilizer dart… None of the aforementioned can rival the indica effects of Blue Cheese.

Blueberry OG

I am not speaking of that weird early 90’s PMD song. I ain’t know what that song or that group was even about…. I am speaking of the 80% indica dominant Blue Cheese strain. Blueberry is already a potent indica that puts me on my ass. Cheese does the same. I am scared of Blue Cheese. I wanted something for night time instant wind down after a workout. Select suggested Blue Cheese.


This is simple. You want night time, potent pain reliving, great tasting night time aid then get this. Great taste to experience, you will get a nice focused mental effect for a short while… Then embrace the couch-lock or sleep.

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