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Blue Cheese Strain Review

Select Co-op is back with the super sativas. The hybrids wore my patience thin and I needed my sativa focus back. However, I do still need my after workout and evening wind-down indicas… I am taking a break from hybrids, unless it’s an old favorite I can’t resist… Anyway let’s get into Blue Cheese strain.

Sour Diesel

Blue Cheese is said to be an 80% indica dominant strain. This strain is a dank lover’s delight. If the taste of sour diesel is too much for you this might be too much dank for ya my friend. Blue Cheese tastes of sour, sharp, pungent cheese with a hint of berries and floral spices. 


I like Blue Cheese as I gradually drift into a deep relaxation state without even knowing it is happening. The sativa energy of the strain has the mind and energy active and awake. However, in an hour or so I realize I am down for the count; and I enjoy every minute of it.

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