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Blackberry Creme Strain Review

When I hear a fruity name I suspect an awesome flavor of an indica strain. When I hear creams or cheeses in a name I again suspect an awesome flavor of an indica strain. So in the name Blackberry Creme you know what I suspect. Let’s see.

Blackberry creme art2

Sherlock Homie has solved the case. It was just as I suspect from the clues given. We have an indica dominant strain that results from crossing Blackberry Kush and Cookies and Cream. Blackberry Kush is a pure and very heavy indica. Cookies and Cream is a hybrid. They combine to give you a slightly less heavy indica than Blackberry Kush, but heavy all the same.

Blackberry creme art1

This is for night time use after the day is done and you have nothing else to do. This strain can offer up to 25% THC levels and 2% CBD. Yes, this strain tastes amazing. Sweet hints of Black and blueberries are immersed in a thick vanilla ice cream flavor makes the smoke a delicious treat to engage… Then be prepared for couchlock followed by sleep. This is medicine for pain and insomnia for sure!

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