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Blackberry Chemdawg Strain Review

No frills or deep secret to the name on this strain. What you read is what you get. Blackberry Chemdawg OG, or just Blackberry Chemdawg is a cross of the strains Blackberry and Chemdawg. The result is an evenly balanced hybrid giving the best of sativa focus and indica relaxation.

My guy at Select told me I would like this strain. He was quite correct! Blackberry Chemdawg is said to have a THC range of about 17% to 25%. This accounts for the potent body effects. Blackberry Chemdawg first hits with a crisp euphoric effect. The energy of happiness and cerebral focus is lasting and rides out the day or evening; your choice. I disagree with the off said statement that this stain results in couch-lock. After a few hours I felt the come down, had slight munchies, and felt less active, but couch-lock never jumped on me at all. I had energy to cook dinner and roll up another jay afterwards to wind the evening down. I assume novice users should toke with caution.

Blackberry Chemdawg OG has a taste that is simply stated in the name. This strain tastes of sweet berries with a touch of citrus and lavender elements that are also detectable. On the back end the diesel, gas-like, chemical potent taste of Chemdawg powers through on the exhale. Blackberry Chemdawg OG is a strain to enjoy anytime of day.

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