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Black Jack Herer Strain Review

I am not a fan of the Jack Herer strain. For a sativa it is like Odool’s, the fake beer. I have smoked strains of Jack Herer before questioning if it was actually weed. This is a definite upgrade for old Jack!

Black Jack Herer, aka Black Jack, aka Jack Black; outside of having more monikers than Shawn Carter is a balanced hybrid created from crossing Jack Herer and Black Dominica. This strain can get up to 22% THC levels. Its effect gives you the best of both a sativa and indica.

Jack Herer

The first hit gives the mind a blast of focused creative energy. It gives a laser like focus and attention to detail. While the mind is focused the body is relaxed and alleviated of pain and stress without slowing you down. Black Jack is an excellent wake and bake strain that is a wonderful blend of fruity tropical flavors and sour dankness.

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