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Black Fire Strain Review

Warrior of the Earth plane, your quest has just begun. The destiny of humanity depends on you securing the power of the Blackfire. You must endure the flames and grasp it in your hand to fight the forces of…

Ok, I’ll stop. Black Fire sounds like some mythical force from a Sci-fi flick or a medieval fantasy story. It is definitely a force. Blackfire, aka Blackfire OG is said to be a slightly dominant indica hybrid 60/40. If that is true than Lebron James is just slightly bigger and better at basketball than me. This shit hit me like it is 100% indica and a tranquilizer dart.

Black Fire is the offspring of White Fire OG and Afghani strain. Indica x indica = indica to the 2nd power. Black Fire can get up to 25% THC levels. This is medicine for night-time people. Pain, stress, and your consciousness will melt away into sleep land. This strain tastes of a dank and peppery diesel. It’s a nice smoke until you fade away…

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