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Biscotti Strain Review

What is a Biscotti? Isn’t it a type of car? Oh, ok… Biscotti’s are traditional Italian pastries. Classic biscotti cookies are dry and crisp for dipping into a beverage or cream. Sometimes, biscotti are dipped in melted chocolate. I was thinking of a Bugatti.

Biscotti is a classic ideal archetype of an indica. Does it have a decadent delicious flavor? Definitely! It tastes of cookies, cream, and spicy earth elements. Does it provide an intense rush of hazy bliss? Indeed! Does the body effects leave you relaxed and super giggly? Sure does!


Biscotti is the result of crossing Gelato, Girl Scout Cookies, and South Florida OG strains. The product is a strain that can get up to 25% THC levels. Enjoy this strain in the late afternoon as you will be less active and slightly lethargic.

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