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Big Buddha Cheese Strain Review

“Buddha’s name be praised”. Simply put big up for Big Buddha Cheese , aka BBC cause it’s definitely the news! Origins of this strain lay in controversial mysterious. The one thing for certain is that this was bred by an OG breeder known under the moniker of Big Buddha.

So let’s get into it. Reminiscent of other cheese strains in my past this has a dank pungent skunk flavor and scent to it. Sour cheese and earth tones cover sweet peppery flavors that exude upon exhale. The buds are dense dark grape sized nuggets that glimmer with crystal trichome coverings.

This a nicely balanced hybrid. Big Buddha Cheese, BBC instantly provides euphoric and elating energy. Social engagement is desired, creative energy is engaged, and happiness is just in the moment. Then body effects slowly increase. Subtle relaxation that is barely noticeable evolves into potent pain relief and treatment for insomnia. Good for evening use that will evolve into a good night’s rest.